Pyramid Seeds and Heavy Weight Seeds!

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Pyramid Seeds joins SeedMasters


So we’ve been a little busy here adding not only 1 seed bank but 2. The first one is called Pyramid Seeds and they are awesome, they have those awesome named strains , these cannabis seeds are of top notch quality and the prices are totally affordable aswell so here’s a peep at just a few of the strains Pyramid Seeds offer.

American Pie

A Wonderful South African strain, its easy care and has great results in every growing system. This variety comes from the famous “Power Plant” and “White Widow”, working a variety with a really good taste and big, compact and crystalline buds. Some people say that it’s really powerful. As we say, its adaptation makes it perfect for a vertical growing. In this way we have been surprised with the results.


Fresh Candy

After having worked on the 2001 regular Sweet Tooth seeds from Spice of Life, we selected this phenotype of robust and branched Indica. It has a thick, compact flower. This variety has a fresh taste of sweet, intense candy. Flowering from 50 to 60 days according to the taste you want.Fresh candy is a plant easy to grow, it adapts to any terrain. Great for beginners and people who do not want a lot of obligations.


Blue Pyramid

One of the most famous strains in the world. It’s always fashionable because it’s very difficult to improve something that was well-done from the beginning. Very productive, it can adapt itself to any cultivation system without trouble. It has a sweet taste, like candy. Those who have planted it know what we mean. After a long time of careful breeding and work, we finally have our Blue variety, on a Blueberry basis.
We present a Hybrid with the appearance of an Indica: very compact and full thick resin-soaked buds throughout the plant. It has a sweet taste with a touch of exotic fruits and an intense relaxing effect. Blue Pyramid is recommended for therapeutic uses.


Then the 2nd Seed bank we are adding soon is called Heavy Weight Seeds,another fine cannabis seed brand. here to hoping these marijuana seeds pack a big punch like their name suggests eh! Keep a look out for this as it will be coming to very soon. It has some amazing names, and we can’t wait to see what it brings.

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