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If you are planning on starting a high CBD outdoor grow look no further than CBD crew's outdoor mix!

A mix of high CBD, predominantly indica strains, CBD outdoor mix is perfect if you looking to grow a selection of high CBD plants that are easy to take care of and produce high-quality flowers in as little as 8-10 weeks from flowering stage. These seeds are a variety of some of the best CBD crew strains out there and will provide you with some of the finest flavors of smoke on the market.

All the strains have a THC to CBD ratio of at least 1:1 so you can be confident they are all up to medical standards. These strains are all self-supporting and will not need additional support. CBD crews outdoor mix seeds all produce a massive yield with tight buds that swell up in the final stages.

The flowering stage for all the seeds in the outdoor mix take approximately 8-10 weeks to fruition but keep an eye out as the calyxes change color and turn milky. You may have to harvest some plants earlier than others as the varieties can vary per seed.

CBD crew's strains are also well known for their dank crystals and the outdoor mix is no exception. The buds tend to swell quickly in their final stages and cure rock hard. With such high resin content, all the plants in the outdoor mix are bound to make some of the finest oils, shatter or wax. An excellent choice for those that are growing to make medicines or products.

From Yummy to Nordle, the outdoor mix has it all and will satisfy every palate no matter how fussy. All the cannabis seeds in the outdoor mix have powerful medical properties and produce pain relieving qualities. Being predominantly indica you can expect a heavy high and relaxing effects.

With substantial yields reported, CBD crew's outdoor mix is a solid choice for outdoor growers looking to enter the medicinal space without having to choose a single strain.

AROMA Full spectrum of flavours.
GENETICS Indica 70% / Sativa 30%
YIELD 300 - 500g