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Haze lovers look no further than CBD Crews Medihaze cannabis seeds!

A cross between Nevilles haze and Super Silver Haze is then bred with a secret CBD enriched parent to create a haze like no other. With a CBD ratio of over 1:1 with THC and some phenos even up to 2 parts CBD to 1-part THC!

This strain delivers on medical power. Famous for reducing pain and being long lasting Medihaze will not leave you feeling that mental fog associated with Indica dominant strains.

  • Medihaze is easily one of the most forgiving cannabis seeds for growers and looks like any top shelf connoisseur bud once trimmed and cured.

  • CBD crews Medihaze is a Sativa dominant strain and the flowering time can be a few weeks longer than Indica strains but should start to finish at around week 9 - 10 of flowering. 

Once you have grown Medihaze you will realize the extra flowering time is well worth it and Medihaze can produce up to 550g per square meter.Despite having deep haze ancestry this strain does not tend to stretch like other Haze plants and the nodes are much tighter than your average sativa dominant hybrid.

  • The longer you push this strain, the more delicious white trichomes you will see develop.

This bud has medium-sized olive green nugs with rich purple hints and red-hot orange hairs making it look amazing in the last weeks and a real treat once dried and cured.

Zesty smells burst from MediHaze buds in a fragrant prologue to its perceptive, elevating effects and the piny, hot taste of the buds with insights of menthol makes this green drug a gift for the senses. The smoke is somewhat mild compared with other strong medical strains.

The low percentage of THC makes the head high less pronounced and so this strain is awesome for a daytime smoke and being social. Inspiring high and an extraordinary pain reliever without being overpowering makes Medihaze a great choice for first-time medical users and those that need more energy throughout the day.

This is certainly the strain for daytime use as the THC level is at a minor 4% which implies the heady high is not as potent as some other medical strains. The high CBD level of 8% then again is a certification for a high-quality medical grade marijuana and is great for pain relief.

If you are looking for a strain that is easy to grow and has tons of respect in the medical industry, Medihaze is for you.
AROMA Spicy, Piny, Menthol and mint
GENETICS Indica 20% / Sativa 80%
THC/CBD RATIO 1:1 - 1:2
YIELD 450 - 550g