Critical Mass

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A nostalgic strain bred by Mr. Nice Seed Bank is a conjugation of the two infamous strains, Afghani and Skunk #1.

  • With Buds getting so large that the branches rupture and lacerate the stems. This cannabis strain gets to 'critical mass' every time, filling the grow space with dense heads that just want to topple over.

  • If you are looking for a cannabis strain that delivers on the quantity you will not be disappointed by our 'Critical Mass' seeds.

'Critical Mass' cannabis seeds sprout fast and are monsters during vegetative state. It is best to set up your grow with having to prop up your plants in mind. With an average flowering time of between 6 - 8 weeks this Indica hybrid is surprisingly a fast yield from seed and will get your weight up in no time. A heavy leaf to bud ratio is expected in this cannabis strain with this ferocity while compacted buds create a susceptibility to mold. Therefore this cannabis strain is best grown from seed indoors under controlled humidity levels. You will want to keep the humidity relatively low in the last stages of flowering when the bud density is at its peak.

  • An Indica dominant Hybrid with a THC percentage of between 6% - 8%, 'Critical Mass' seeds rivals most top strains on not only yield but strength as well.

  • The flowers have an intense spicy, citrus aroma that is unmistakable with this hybrid. 'Critical Mass' has also gained popularity in the medical community to treat insomnia, MS and chronic pain as the effects include a strong body high that leaves the user 'Couch Locked'.

Critical Mass is old school cannabis strain and is often described as being sweet but earthy when smoked. It is often overlooked when searching for premium cannabis seeds but we have found it to be an exceptional all round winner and has produced some of the dankest nugs we have smoked.

When we got hold of this strain the pungent smell was clear right from the bag and once we cut into the bud we knew we were in for a treat. The smoke was pleasant and almost reminded us of coca cola mixed with kush. On inhaling the strains pungency was immediately felt and the body high lasted what felt like hours.

If you are looking for a game changer in strength and yield 'Critical Mass' are the cannabis seeds for you. Grab a pack of 'Critical Mass' seeds now and get your yields to the next level!

AROMA A rich honey sweetness with deep and strong complex aromas.
GENETICS Indica 80% / Sativa 20%
YIELD 500g