Skunk Haze

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One of CBD crews most popular strains, and rightly so, this vigorous hybrid takes the strengths from both strains in a beautiful 50/50 Indica, Sativa Hybrid.

Large smelly flowers with a Haze wisp, this strain Won 3rd place Sativa Cup at the Treating Yourself Expo 2013 in Canada and leans slightly more towards a Sativa. All growers love the classic haze but know that the strain can be rather unstable at the best of times. Crossing with the skunk #1 has allowed the happy, lucid high of the haze to come through while stabilizing the strain for perfect uniform growth and strength.

With an oil-rich ratio of THC to CBD at least 1:1, this strain delivers on medical quality buds in quantity.

This expansion to the Coffee shop Classics line is genuinely a half and half of its folks. It has held the slender, willowing branches of the Haze.

At development, the buds make the branches substantially weighty and the buds are best upheld by mesh or in a screen of green garden. The Skunk's impact lessens the stretchiness, decreases the time spent in blooming, and makes a denser cola, prompting a more sensible tenderfoot inviting plant.

At complete, Skunk Haze is taller than the normal half-breed, a cheerful medium between the run of the mill Skunk and the average Haze. The open structure is a swooping upset triangle with light, new green tones and thin Sativa pamphlets. The buds stay light green and frame orange hairs. Since the Skunk Haze equalizations Indica and Sativa qualities, the buds aren't excessively smaller and oppose shape well. Truth be told, this plant prefers a sodden situation and flourishes in a garden that imitates the tropics in warmth and stickiness. Keeping the moistness low will bring out a greater amount of the skunk qualities. The pen organized characteristics of the Skunk Haze additionally make it a ton smellier than the commonplace indica or cross breed.

Starting cultivators or general sativa-inclining growers will be happy with this strain. While developing, the skunky musk smell is overwhelming, however when breaking buds, the Skunk's flowery tones will be obvious. Both are genuinely brought through in the flavor, which tickles the nose with fruity cloudiness, however, leaves a connotation of musk and earth from the Skunk.

The Skunk Haze is essentially a head buzz with a long sustained body stone that brings through, When plants are reaped following two months of blossoming, the cannabinoid/THC adjust has a tendency to convey a more mental high and fluffier buds.

At 70 days, the buds get to be denser, and the expanded CBD makes a stonier impact reminiscent of medical strains.

AROMA Ceder wood spicy with citrus/ pine/ mint flavours running along side.
GENETICS Indica 50% / Sativa 50%
YIELD 450g