Diesel Drift - Cannabis Seeds

New Diesel Drift - Cannabis Seeds
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Heavyweight Seeds strive to make the highest quality cannabis seeds accessible to everyone. Well, they have done it again with another prize winner in the making!

  • Diesel Drift is a first-class Sativa: physical yet cerebral, forceful yet thoughtful. It’s the ideal choice for social gatherings or for moments of creativity and inspiration. 

  • Rapid growth results in a plethora of huge buds, which are coated in a phenomenal amount of resin. 

  • The fragrance is mainly citrus with hints of fuel; adequate ventilation is required if growing indoors, as Diesel Drift can easily fill the room with its unmistakable funk! 

  • The flavor is initially fresh and fruity, but with the same underlying Diesel resonance.

  •  Fast finishing, solid yields and soaring highs; what more could you wish for, if you get my drift.

FLOWERING TIMEINDOOR FLOWERING: 10 Weeks OUTDOOR FLOWERING: Early October (Northern hemisphere) / Early April (Southern hemisphere)
GENETICSFruit Punch x New York Diesel
HEIGHTIndoor: 90-150cm Outdoor: 150-200cm
YIELD500gr/m2 – upt to 500gr per plant (Outdoors)

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