High Density Auto

High Density Auto Cannabis Seeds
  • £23.95

For an autoflowering plant that from seed to harvest takes 8 weeks, this is spectacular, a stem bending 150 gms per plant and more if grown outside under optimum conditions.

A powerful relaxed stone that although calm gives a mental boost and clarity, a rare feeling in these days of mind numbing couch-lock.

The abundant buds are covered with a thick white dusting of sparkling crystals as the plant reaches harvest time, making this strain a choice for all from beginners to commercial growers who can produce two crops in the time it used to take to produce one.

The plants grow at a staggering rate, twice as fast as a standard plant, “it’s like they are on steroids” is a common remark!

FLOWERING TIME FLOWERING TYPE: Autoflowering HARVEST TIME: Approximately 8 weeks from germination
GENETICS Big Bud Auto x White Dwarf Auto - Indica 80% / Sativa 20%
HEIGHT 80-120cm
THC LEVEL 18-20%
YIELD 600-800gr/m2 – up to 150 gr per plant