Cream Mandarine XL Auto

Cream Mandarine XL Auto  Sweet Seeds
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Auto-flowering strain with tall stature and high production. This 4th generation auto-flowering strain is the resulting hybrid from the cross between selected specimens of our variety SWS29 (Cream Mandarine Auto®) and a Súper Tai ’98 elite clone.

The genetic coming from the Súper Tai ‘98 elite clone contributes with interesting sativa characteristics to this hybrid, such as bigger size, but also soft aromatic and spicy tones with hints of wood and nuts. The so much appreciated Cream Mandarine Auto® genetic contributes with traits from the indica side, such as high flower and resin production, but also sweet and fresh aromas with tones of citric fruits of the Mandarine type.

CLIMATEIndoor / Outdoor
HEIGHT110 - 150 cm
YIELDIndoor Yield: 450-650 g/m2 - Outdoor Yield: 50-300 g

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