Heavy Head - Cannabis Seeds

Heavy Head - Cannabis Seeds
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Heavy Head cannabis seeds are a fantastic cross between NYC Diesel and Black Domina.

  • A specially selected cutting of NYC Diesel was handpicked for its bold fuel flavors and then Big Head crossed this with an insanely powerful Black Domina plant which displayed continually high levels of THC in numerous laboratory tests. The end result was a hybrid which enters her flowering stage with remarkable vigor and thanks to our Big Head #1 which was also introduced into the mix this strain is also suitable for large commercial grows.

  • Amazing foxtail sized buds bunch together tightly making this strain a very hefty plant indeed. She is also suitable for other growing methods like Screen of Green or SCROG for short which is a great way of increasing yields indoor. And by bending out her side branches during the vegetation stage growers will be astonished to see her ginormous central cola rocket up proud and tall once she goes into her flowering cycle.

  • The effects of Heavy Head are strong and powerful containing 15-20% THC. This strain will affect users with a deep couch locking effect accompanied with the classic diesel flavor which this strain is so well known for.

  • Heavy Head cannabis seeds are a perfect choice for making high-quality hash, concentrates and oils as her orangey, dark green flowers are exceptionally resinous and always covered in large amounts of crystals.

  • This strain’s aromatic fuel and hash aromas will need to be kept under control in the late stages of flowering as she is so sticky, it is important to keep humidity levels as low as possible with all resinous varieties.

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CLIMATE Indoor / Outdoor
EFFECTS Stoney. Narcotic. Munchy
FLOWERING TIME 9 - 10 Weeks - Sept
GENETICS Indica / Sativa
THC LEVEL High 15-20%
YIELD Very High 500-600g