Crimea Blue - Cannabis Seeds

Crimea Blue - Cannabis Seeds - Barney's Farm
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Crimea Blue cannabis seeds have been created by crossing the popular Blueberry strain with a hardy Turkman hash plant.

  • Barney’s Farm has created a flavor powerhouse by utilizing the fruitiness of the classic Blueberry strain and combining it with the earthy spice of Turkman cannabis seeds.

  • The short and bushiness of this variety make it perfect for both SOG and ScrOG growing techniques.

  • Crimea Blue is a fast flowering strain that grows short and very bushy, she produces above arrearage yields up to 500 grams per square meter when grown under optimum conditions.

  • The rewards you get from growing this masterpiece far outweighs the required gardening efforts, the flavors of lemon and rosemary are followed by a long-lasting psychoactive and productive high – a must buy for any serious grower.
CLIMATE Indoor, Outdoor and Greenhouse
EFFECTS Clear high
FLOWERING TIME 50 - 60 days
GENETICS Sativa 30% Indica 70%
HEIGHT 50 - 100 cm
YIELD 400 - 500 grams per m2