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Cookies Kush is one of the hottest cannabis seeds on the market today and has become a phenomenon around the world!

  • This variety was first created by selecting a special Girl Scout Cookies phenotype and crossing her with the very potent OG Kush (Rolex phenotype), the results from this were quite incredible.

  • We then continued backcrossing to find the right balance of Kush whilst still retaining the best attributes of GSC.

  • Cookies Kush has a tremendously high THC content, and with a flowering time of only 50-60 days, she is fast to grow.

  • This strain smells like a freshly baked cinnamon roll with a nutty and earthy aftertaste, very pleasant to smoke.

  • As well as having a very high THC content, Cookies Kush also has a high CBD content making this strain perfect for both medicinal and recreational use.

  • You can buy Cookies Kush cannabis seeds now discreetly from us here at!
CLIMATE Indoor and Greenhouse
EFFECTS Heavy stoned
FLOWERING TIME 50 - 60 days
GENETICS Indica 100%
HEIGHT 50 - 100 cm
YIELD + 600 gm per m2