Sweet Seeds

Sweet Seeds is a modern seed bank specialising in the recruitment and retention of new lines feminized and feminized auto flowering high quality cannabis. From selected Genetic Library cannabis result of years of search and selection worked on the design of new upbringings. All varieties of Sweet Seeds are especially sweet, aromatic and palatable. Their genetics are fully adapted for both the requirements of the crop outside and inside with artificial lights. Easy to grow varieties, productive and very aromatic. Sweet Seeds are selected one by one manually and after a thorough inspection only the best seeds are packed. The conservation of seeds is carried out under conditions of low humidity and low temperature, thus ensuring the best preservation of their viability. The seeds are packed in only if they have passed the germination viability test of 95%. Sweet Seeds have a femininity that is around 99.7%. Sweet Seeds cannabis Strains fall into two very distinct categories: Feminised Auto flowering and Feminised Cannabis seeds.

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Sweet Skunk Automatic

3rd generation auto-flowering variety. Sweet Seeds has created this hybrid as its tribute to this cl..


Sweet Special Automatic

3rd generation auto-flowering variety.A poly-hybrid which is the result of multiple crossings betwee..


Sweet Special F1 Fast Version

Feminized and non-auto flowering version of our SWS35 (Sweet Special Auto) now featuring ultra-fast ..


Sweet Tai

Fantastic cross-breed between our Super Tai and an Early Skunk. As a result we have obtained a very ..


Sweet Trainwreck Auto

4th generation auto-flowering strain with a high stature. This is the hybrid resulting from the cros..


Wild Rose

This is a hybrid of a little known variety in Europe but with a great following in Canada and North ..