Kera Seeds

Kera Seeds - Kera Seeds are a seed bank with over 12 years experience working with Dutch coffee shops, which has given them the necessary expertise and real-world experience to release their own 'Kera Classic Coffee Shop Selection'. The owner has worked extensively within the cannabis community for years, and has worked at High Life magazine and Soft Secrets also. Kera Seeds' extensive network of industry connections has allowed them to produce a range of excellent cannabis seeds; crossing the high yielding Dutch strains with the unique tastes of American varieties.

These one-of-a-kind crosses are all produced organically and undergo extensive quality control checks before being sold. Each seed is selected manually by size and weight and checked for any signs of damage before being released to market. These seeds come in boxes in order to guarantee that the quality of the product is not compromised during transport. Each of these unique strains have 100% pure, Dutch-quality genetics and benefit from Kera Seeds' quality-focused company policies.
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Amnesia AUTO

Amnesia AUTO is the result of years of growing, crossing and improving. Amnesia Auto was created by ..


Amnesia Mac Ganja !

Amnesia Mac Ganja! is a crossing between the original Amnesia and a Mexican Haze. Designed and devel..



Among smokers Bubblegum is known for the unique, juicy flavors and her powerful, euphoric highs. Alt..


Burmese Kush

Burmese Kush is a beautiful mix between Trainwreck and White Widow marijuana seeds. The additio..


California Nuggets

California Nugget is a favourite amongst smokers as well as growers. It is particularly popular beca..


Cherry Grapefruit

Cherry Grapefruit weed seeds have been created by crossing the well known White Widow, Chemdawg, OG ..


Crazy Mouse

Kera Amsterdam CheeseA type that you will never forget because of the high THC content and the stron..



Critical is a plant that's getting well-known throughout the world. The seed brings back the memory ..


Critical Auto

Critical is a plant that is getting more and more well-known. In only a short period of time it’s be..


Dutch Power

Dutch Power is a popular and strong plant from the Netherlands. It was created by crossing South Afr..


Dwarf Auto

Kera Dwarf is mainly very popular with first time growers, because not a lot can go wrong. The sweet..



Outdoor Hurricane is a notorious outdoor cannabis plant. Hurricane cannabis seeds have been speciall..


Matic Auto

Kera Keramatic AUTOBecause Keramatic AUTO has been crossed with a Skunk, it has a rich skunky smoke ..


Medical Skunk

Skunk is one of the most classic cannabis strains in the world and is often used as a base for many ..


Medical White Widow

Medical White Widow marijuana seeds is a Dutch classic that has won numerous cannabis cups all over ..


NLX Diamond Auto

NLX Diamond AUTO is one of the most promising autoflowering plants available. You should definitely ..