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Wild Thailand Auto Cannabis Seeds
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Wild Thailand Ryder is a cross between a pure strain from the islands of the Ko Chang archipelago (Thailand) with one of the highest THC levels in the world and a Ruderalis. Crossing with an excellent Cannabis Ruderalis specimen over several generations through backcrossing produces a strain with Asian sativa characteristics that is programmed to flower automatically. Wild Thailand Auto can be grown indoors or outside where she can easily expected to reach a height of 150cm, or more. As flowering is not dependent on photoperiod, she can be grown at any time of the year though the better the climatic conditions, the higher the yields. A good tip for growing outdoors is to sow when the good weather starts and again a few days before harvesting the first batch to give us two crops a year. Some growers do more than two although unfavourable climatic conditions usually mean these additional harvests tend to be less productive.  Indoors we recommend 20 hours of light and 4 hours’ darkness during the whole cycle. This strain is very strong with a highly euphoric, almost exhilarating, effect that can be highly medicinal. The taste and aroma, like her ancestor, is citrussy floral with a hint of incense.

CLIMATEIndoor / Outdoor
EFFECTSMedicinal, Energising
FLAVOURCitrusy floral with a hint of incense
FLOWERING TIME8 - 10 Weeks Auto
GENETICSWild Thailand x Ruderalis
YIELDIndoor - 550-650g/m indoor Outdoor - up to 250g/plant

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