Lemon Zkittle - Cannabis Seeds

Discontinued Lemon Zkittle - Cannabis Seeds
  • Brand: Dutch Passion
  • Product Code: Dutch Passion
  • Availability: Discontinued
  • £40.00

Lemon Zkittle® cannabis seeds are a feminized photoperiod hybrid with extreme THC levels of over 20% from the USA. 

  • Her genetics originate from a Las Vegas Lemon Skunk which was then crossed with the award-winning Zkittlez parent. The most potent offspring were then carefully selected and the first Yellow Lemon Zkittlez phenotype was born, she also turned out to be remarkably stress-resistant in testing making her perfect for first-time growers and experts alike.

  • The Skittlez parent strain is one of the most popular varieties from the USA with some of the highest THC levels Dutch Passion have seen, with the finished product selling for up to $35 per gram 

  • Lemon Zkittle will produce hefty yields creating magnificent bright green and yellow buds in the flowering stage which carry a fresh lemon aroma.

  • The strain is very easy to grow producing exceptional amounts of resin and crystal covered buds at harvest. Her genetics are 60% Sativa and 40% Indica, and plants grow medium in height and will flower in 9-10 weeks generating XXL yields.

  • Bred for her potency and with a fresh lemon taste, this is surely one of Dutch Passions strongest ever creations so far!

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GENETICS Indica/Sativa