Laughing Buddha Strain

Laughing Buddha Strain
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The Laughing Buddha strain is an award-winning variety that is very close to a pure Sativa. As the name suggests, it is known for its uplifting, happy effects, which are accompanied by a pungent, fruity flavour. 

  • As a 2003 High Times Cannabis Cup Winner, Laughing Buddha has proven itself as one of the classic high-calibre Sativa hybrid strains. It combines a number of unique traits from a landrace Thai Sativa with a Jamaican hybrid, resulting in a plant that is prized for its rich aroma and thoroughly uplifting high.

  • Laughing Buddha’s dense flowers are replete with exceptional flavours and scents, blending sweet, fruity overtones with rich, spicy notes to produce a pungent and interesting smoke that is sure to satisfy the pickiest taste buds. It is not uncommon to detect notes of pineapple, lemon, and roasted peppers when smoked. This strain has a powerful fragrance and radiates a sweet, concentrated aroma that strikes of exotic tropical fruits.

  • This strain is a vigorous Sativa hybrid that can grow rapidly in flowering and often needs a careful regimen of pruning and extra support due to the size and density of the crop towards the end. Laughing Buddha is definitely one that requires some care and patience due to its lengthy flowering period and rapid growth, but growers will certainly be fairly rewarded for their efforts.

  • The Laughing Buddha strain is highly treasured for its happy, euphoric effects and the reliability with which it makes people laugh and giggle. This strain is the perfect remedy for depression and stress, leaving the user feeling relaxed and happy but also focused and able to concentrate. Overall, this strain has a very energetic, clear-minded, and satisfying high.

  • Flowering within 70-75 days and producing a crop of around 600g/m2 indoors, this vigorous Sativa is worth the wait. It grows very fast and quite tall and should be harvested by late October if grown outdoors.

CLIMATE Indoor / Outdoor / Greenhouse - Temperate and Hot
EFFECTS ’Strong up high’ effect
FLOWERING TIME 10 - 12 Weeks
GENETICS Sativa 80% / Indica 20%
HEIGHT 100 - 120cm
YIELD 600 gm per m2