Himalaya Gold

Himalaya Gold Cannabis Seeds
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Himalaya Gold is considered to be a classic strain, with a strong reputation and an enduring presence in the cannabis industry. It has won multiple awards in various competitions, proving itself more than worthy of its reputation and longevity as a popular strain. Himalaya Gold is a heavy-yielding North Indian x Nepalese Indica cross which produces large, branchy plants ideal for outdoor growing, SCROG or LST. It tends to need support as it finishes, due to the density of its flowers and is also resistant to cold climates. Outdoor grows have been known to yield 1350 grams per plant!

Himalaya Gold induces a mild, creative high, which is accompanied by a balanced and long-lasting body feeling. Can be a very deep couch-locking buzz which makes it very effective as an antidote to stress. It is particularly effective in the treatment of pain, insomnia and appetite loss.

The aroma is a deep and rich hot chocolate smell, which expresses itself in terms of taste as a dark and spicy coffee flavour, but also with sweet and floral undertones, making it a very strong and complex taste. In terms of yield, potency, effect and taste, this plant is an all-rounder with lots of potential and a proven track record. You can buy top-quality Himalaya Gold seeds now, here at SeedMasters.com!

CLIMATE Indoor / Outdoor
EFFECTS Very creative mild high with a balanced and long lasting body feeling.
FLOWERING TIME FLOWERING INDOOR: 8 weeks FLOWERING OUTDOOR: Ready at the end of September , (North hemisphere).
GENETICS Nepalese x North Indian.
HEIGHT Tall, strong plant, needs support due to the extremely dense buds. Ideal for mountain areas, resists well to cold Long internodes, long branches, best results when developed to full size. Good for LST.
MEDICAL Yes - Medicinally effective in pain therapy and appetite stimulation.
THC LEVEL 12.70%
YIELD Indoor: Up to 850 gr/m2. Outdoor: Up to 1350 gr/plant.