Green Crack

Green Crack
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Green Crack is a legendary strain that has the credibility of being Snoop Dogg’s favorite weed. That makes sense once you experience the electric and uplifting high that Green Crack provides. 

  • Green Crack is an absolute classic that was bred from a cross between Skunk #1 and a landrace Afghani. Although Green Crack has a solid Indica in its lineage, it leans into its Sativa side when growing.

  • Green Crack likes to grow tall, so ensure that you have enough space in your grow room or tent. Indoor growers won’t run into problems with green Crack as long as they flip into flower early enough.

FLOWERING TIME 58 – 65 days
GENETICS Indica 40% & Sativa 60%
THC LEVEL 19,8 %
YIELD 500g – 600g/ Medium

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