GDP Auto x Gumberry Auto

New GDP Auto x Gumberry Auto
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GDP Auto x Gumberry Auto is a heavy-hitting purple colored auto-flowering strain with Indica dominance. 

  • With a growing time of 50-55 days, this plant grows up to 90-120 cm tall. Licensed dispensaries have reported THC levels near 21%.

  • Part of our all new California Line, this strain develops the famous deep purple colours throughout the entire plant making it irresistible to growers of all levels.

  • The Gumberry Auto shows its massive influence,  by providing shiny sticky buds full of pink trichomes. The taste is sweet as candy and full of diverse tropical fruits and berries!

  • This cross is a major favorite with resin lovers for its ability to deliver massive productions.

  • Initially relaxing, it will also then empower you with tons of energy to burn. Hence, GDP X Gumberry Automatic will hit your body like an orgasm!

FLOWERING TIME 7/8 weeks indoors
THC LEVEL 19 – 21%
YIELD 550g indoors & 700g outdoors

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