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For the people that don’t know about cannabis seeds, this Haze was first created in California and it’s from there that she then began to conquer the rest of the world.

  • Way back in the late 1990's B. Real had a couple of clones off of his mate in Redding, CA and that was your original " California Haze".

  • Maintained and kept in the crew, it was maintained by Keif Sweat for several years, which was being used in the Dedoverde Haze Auto Line.

  • The Dedoverde Haze is an F1 cross of California Haze (LA) and Amnesia (NL). This strain is incredibly potent and produces a fantastic yield. You will get an explosion of flavors such as a Kool-Aid Fruity punch, Haze Spice and finishing up with a sweet taste of pine that leaves you with a vibrant aroma that lingers on the inside of your mouth.

  • Although this strain has that Sativa like effect and flavor it actually has a super quick flowering time and has zero problems with high nutrient levels as she’s a fat girl that’s seeking out her next triple cheese burger!!!

  • This lady has a massive terpenoid & resin content and that is what makes her so exceptionally strong, not one for a beginner!
CLIMATE Indoor/Outdoor
GENETICS Sativa Dominant
THC/CBD RATIO THC: 18% - 24% CBD: Low