California Kush - Cannabis Seeds

Discontinued California Kush - Cannabis Seeds
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California Kush cannabis seeds are a cross of a wonderful Strawberry Kush and a Premium OG Kush.  

  • It is a Californian dream and well known for its enormous amounts of resin. California Kush grows short and stocky like a typical Kush with large, dark green leaves. She has heavy tranquilizing, fast-hitting effects and provides a strong and powerful Indica-style “stone”. Tests have shown THC levels of more than 23%.

  • California Kush produces heavy, green frosty buds with orange and brown hairs. The smell of California Kush is very sweet and lemony, her taste reminds you of fresh exotic fruits. The effects are extremely strong and long-lasting. California Kush is the right choice for relaxing and leaving the stress behind and a perfect strain for making BHO and medical tinctures because of its great resin production. Its strong engaging and long-lasting high gives casual smokers a good reason to treat it with care.

Growing California Kush

  • This strain is a good choice for a SOG grows indoors, either in hydro or soil. It is easy to grow and offers good yields of 600g per square meter. The flowering time is nine weeks. The best results you can expect as an SoG with 12-16 plants per m². Outdoors California Kush is ready to harvest already in mid-September. Because of this and because of their great resistance to mold and fungus it is an ideal variety for Central Europe. On sunny places 550g per plant is possible. The plants reach a relatively small to medium height (80-110 cm), depending on when you start with the flowering time. Because of its simple cultivation and high yields, it is a popular strain for beginners as well as experienced horticulturists. Its strong and long-lasting high tells casual smokers to treat it with care.

Medical Use

  • California Kush is a Premium medical Cannabis strain that is often used for appetite stimulation and helping with insomnia. It has also strong pain-killing effects and gives a pleasant body sensation without making you confused. California Kush is best suitable for an evening for free-time use.

FLAVOUR tropical fruits
GENETICS 90% Indica / 10% Sativa
HEIGHT 80-100 cm
YIELD 650g/m2; 550 g/plant