Bubble Cheese

Bubble Cheese Big Buddha Seeds
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'Bubble Cheese' was originally a cutting developed by our good friend in the UK "mrcheese". By using an 'old school Bubblegum' crossed with the O.G Exodus Cheese. This clone was then accidentally crossed to a 'reversed Bubba Kush' with the seeds resulting into our 'Bubble Cheese' clone.

After extensive testing, the 'Bubble Cheese' is a fruity, hash lovers delight with the addition of the Bubbas 'kick ass' kush, the taste of the Bubblegum, Cheese, and Kush are all recognisable in 'Bubble Cheese'

AROMA A sweet, fruity, tarty, berry scent with that recognised musky undertone of the original Cheese.
CLIMATE Indoor / Outdoor
EFFECTS Highly euphoric, very functional.
FLAVOUR Potent, Blueberry, fresh taste.
FLOWERING TIME Indoors = 8 - 10 weeks Outdoors = End of Oct.
GENETICS Indica Dominant