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Auto Black Cream Sweet Seeds
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Black Cream Auto is a 2013 release from Sweet Seeds which takes its genetics from their most awarded strain Cream Caramel, and combines them with an exotic autoflower descendant of Pakistani Kush ancestors. This unique, compact Indica packs worlds of taste into its colourful buds and a whole bunch of resin to boot. Its flowers are often red and purple during flowering, but when dried their colour changes to dark purple, bordering on black.

Its effects are powerful despite its compact size, it hits hard with a full body buzz that sends the user into a deep state of relaxation. Its taste is rich and complex; its primary flavour is fruity and sweet, with earthy undertones which originate from its award-winning Cream Caramel parentage.

Black Cream Auto produces a great yield of exceptionally compact buds; each plant yields between 30-150g per seed, or up to 550g/m2. Growers are advised to leave room for upward growth as this strain has a tendency to stretch. Not only does this strain have exceptional taste, smell, resin production and yield, but you can even expect a harvest within just 8 weeks from seed! Black Cream Auto cannabis seeds are a unique and exciting addition to any collection, recommended for connoisseurs!

CLIMATE Indoor / Outdoor
HEIGHT 60 - 110 cm
YIELD Indoor Yield: 350-550 g/m2 - Outdoor Yield: 35-150 g

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