Auto Nightcrawler OG

Auto Nightcrawler OG
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A selection of the absolute finest in West Coast OG Hybrids, our unreleased Alien Nightqueen, and a pristine specimen of Blue Moonshine make up this deadly Kush combination. 

  • Pine and limonene terpenes are dominant and mingle with bitter chocolate, gin, and exotic wood making this a Kush that screams luxury. Some phenotypes develop a more fuel focused edge and most display uniform size buds of a medium density which are a pastel blue/lime green with red and pink hairs - all are great phenotypes for making first-class extracts/shatter and oil from.

  • Our Alien Nightqueen combines an old school Nightqueen with an Alien Kush and it's such a keeper we have her under lock and key, no clones or seeds have ever left the lab.

  • This expensive tasting OG kush is a must-have strain for recreational connoisseurs who appreciate a great OG flavor profile and also patients suffering from migraines, ADD/ADHD, PTSD, and general stress.

GENETICS Deadhead OG x Alien Nightqueen x Blue Moonshine x Auto OG Kush

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