Auto Gelato

Auto Gelato Bulk Seeds
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Auto Gelato Bulk Seeds: Premium Autoflowering Cannabis 

  • Elevate your cultivation game with Auto Gelato Bulk Seeds, a superior strain crafted from the renowned genetics of Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbet. This sativa-dominant variety combines the best traits of its parent strains, offering a robust and rewarding growing experience for both novice and seasoned cultivators.

Genetics and Variety:

  • Auto Gelato boasts an impressive lineage, inheriting the potent and flavorful characteristics of Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbet. This sativa-dominant hybrid is designed to flourish in a variety of environments, making it a versatile choice for growers.

Flowering Type and Sex:

  • As an autoflowering and feminised strain, Auto Gelato ensures a straightforward growing process. With a flowering time of just 56 days, you can expect a quick and bountiful harvest, regardless of your growing setup.THC Content and

Plant Height:

  • Auto Gelato stands out with a high THC content of 24%, promising powerful and long-lasting effects. The plants reach a manageable height of 70 - 100 cm, making them suitable for greenhouse, indoor, and outdoor cultivation.

Growing Conditions:

  • Auto Gelato thrives in various environments, adapting well to greenhouse, indoor, and outdoor settings. Its compact size and rapid flowering time make it an ideal choice for growers looking to maximize their yield without compromising on quality.

Taste and Flavor Profile:

  • Auto Gelato delights the palate with a complex flavor profile. Enjoy the harmonious blend of citrus, coffee, cookies, earthy, and sweet notes, offering a truly gourmet cannabis experience.Effects: This strain delivers a balanced high, combining cerebral stimulation with deep physical relaxation. The strong effects are both relaxing and stimulating, making Auto Gelato perfect for unwinding after a long day or enjoying creative activities.

  • Choose Auto Gelato Bulk Seeds for a high-quality, high-yielding, and flavorful cannabis experience. Elevate your grow with these premium seeds and enjoy the remarkable benefits of this exceptional sativa-dominant hybrid now available at!