Summer Fruit Festival - Free Auto Daiquiri Lime Cannabis Seeds!

Summer Fruit Festival - Free Auto Daiquiri Lime Cannabis Seeds!

Make This A Summer To Remember With the Dutch Passion's Summer Fruit Festival Auto Daiquiri Lime Cannabis Seeds Giveaway!

How does it work? It is very simple. Just order a 7 seed or 10 seed pack from the strains below and receive 3 seeds of the very fruity Auto Daiquiri Lime® for free!

This offer also includes Dutch Passion's new strains Auto Critical Orange Punch & Critical Orange Punch!

The Summer Fruit Festival has now been extended all the way through September so you can still grab yourself a bargain today!

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Auto Blackberry Kush

Blackberry Kush Automatic was first developed by crossing Dutch Passion’s very own classic Blueberry..

From £26.50

Auto Blueberry

AutoBlueberry has quickly become the connoisseur choice of AutoFem.  It combines authentic Blue..

From £26.50

Auto Critical Orange Punch

Auto Critical Orange Punch is a feminized Autoflowering cannabis seed variety, the first Dutch Passi..

From £13.00

Auto Daiquiri Lime

Auto Daiquiri Lime® is based on a unique Californian Orange phenotype with a sharp citrus lime taste..

From £10.00

Auto Orange Bud

The Dutch Passion master breeder responsible for some of the best modern autoflowering genetics, suc..

From £34.95


Dutch Passion's Blueberry cannabis seeds are the true original Blueberry renowned for its rich landr..

From £35.50

Californian Orange

Californian Orange is a genuine old school classic available only from Dutch Passion. It is a 50% In..

From £26.50

CBD Auto Compassion Lime

These CBD-rich feminized auto cannabis seeds use genetics from the photoperiod CBD Compassion® and o..

From £31.00

Critical Orange Punch

Critical Orange Punch is a feminized photoperiod seed variety, the first Dutch Passion strain based ..

From £13.00

Lemon Zkittle

Lemon Zkittle® cannabis seeds are a feminized photoperiod hybrid with extreme THC levels of over 20%..

From £40.00

Orange Bud

Orange Bud cannabis seeds are one of the original 100% Skunk strains and are still considered s..

From £26.50

Orange Hill Special

Orange Hill Special is an exceptional Orange Skunk selection, a new addition to Dutch Passion's ‘Ora..

From £26.50

Passion Fruit

Through a Dutch Passion friend in Belgium, the Dutch Passion breeders team got their hands on one of..

From £31.00

Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough cannabis seeds originate from North America and her genetics are also partly Europe..

From £29.95