Tropicanna Banana

Tropicanna Banana
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Tropicanna Banana is a sweet and sticky treat with a fresh and fruity flavor. At around 25% THC, this powerful tropical hybrid is an excellent choice for experienced users. 

  • Tropicanna Banana is a high-performance strain with a vibrant tropical flavour that hits the tongue with fruity bursts of fresh banana and mango. These flavours then develop and reveal sour undertones of kiwi and citrus before leaving a pleasant vanilla aftertaste with strong floral notes.

  • This is a powerful medicinal strain with a high THC content that has been tested at around 25%. It is a Sativa-dominant hybrid (about 60% Sativa), making it a vigorous plant with an invigorating high. Its effects tend to vary according to dosage, with smaller hits giving a more energetic, Sativa-like high and larger ones bringing a heavier, relaxing effect more typical of an Indica strain. Recommended for med users suffering from attention disorders and useful in the treatment of depression and anxiety.

  • Tropicanna Banana takes genetics from the original Tropicanna strain (a Girl Scout Cookies x Tangie cross) and combines them with a carefully selected Banana Kush, resulting in a very vigorous and productive strain that is ideal for a wide range of different growers.

  • Indoor growers can expect the plant to reach around 1.1m with yields of roughly 700g/m2, while outdoor growers have been known to yield upwards of 2kg per plant with relative ease. The flowering period for Tropicanna Banana is around 65-70 days.