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Tangie’matic cannabis seeds are the result of Fast Buds latest research where they have used the very best auto-flowering genetics from the latest generations.

  • Using these selective breeding techniques this fast flowering strain has been able to develop very high levels of THC. The average levels of THC found in testing are between 21 and 22% but in some tests this has been exceeded and we have detected THC levels of up to 23%.

  • Fast Buds first obtained a Tangie clone at a cannabis event in San Bernardino in California and by turning this into one of our auto flowers the results were a truly remarkable hybrid. The genetics are mostly Sativa although many users may appreciate the properties of her Indica parents.

  • Tangie’matic is also a very useful medicinal strain and users should consider these cannabis seeds if you are suffering from anxiety, migraines, depression, chronic stress or even loss of appetite. It is also useful for patients medicating first thing in the morning.


  • Fast Buds Tangie’matic has an extremely strong and powerful citrus aroma which is refreshingly fruity and resembles the flavors of tangerines with spicy aftertastes.


  • After consuming this strain, you will soon feel the effects, of which are typical for Sativa’s, and then a body stone will also creep in slowly. These cannabis seeds are one of the most interesting strains in the Fast Buds catalog making if perfect for creative people with the Sativa dominance allowing your imagination to flow! After the first half hour of consuming you will soon notice yourself in a much more creative and stress reduced state of mind. Tangie’matic will give you a great shot of energy with her effects described as lucid and very uplifting. It is also highly recommended for both day and night use, but you should go steady, bearing in mind her high levels of THC.


  • This strain is wonderfully easy to grow, just make sure you keep stress to a minimum throughout her growing cycle. Once the flowering phase begins you will see how her aromatic buds begin to gain weight dramatically.

  • Tangie’matic produces impressive yields which home and commercial growers will love, it is not recommended for “micro” or “stealth growing” because of her large and bushy size. For optimum results when growing outdoors you should use pots of at least 10-14 gallons allowing her to reach monstrous proportions and reach her full potential growing over 1.5 meters tall.

  • This variety is not recommended for SGROG or any other type of training as this can stress her out, and will also allow her to achieve maximum performance.

  • If you can provide good care, love and affection this strain will thank you greatly with huge production, resinous buds, and unforgettable aromas.

  • You can buy Tangie’matic discreetly, securely and at the lowest prices available online today at SeedMasters.com!

CLIMATE Indoor, Outdoor & Greenhouse
YIELD INDOOR 450-650g Per Square Meter
YIELD OUTDOOR 50-350g Per Plant