Stinkin' Bishop

Stinkin' Bishop Cannabis Seeds
  • £6.00

Stinkin' Bishop is a special blend of Afghan Kush x Super Skunk producing the most pungent dank weed seeds. The smoke is incredible with an outstanding flavour of pungent skunk and spicy, extra strong mature cheese. THC levels are high, 20% + and the effect is well balanced creating a mental and body relaxation with a remarkable alleviation of pain, stress and depression.

The strong pungent aroma starts early in the flowering period, if you're growing Stinkin' Bishop indoors you'll need plenty of ventilation to disperse the stinky "road kill" aroma of these babies! Particularly suited to indoor setups but also thriving well outdoors these plants are incredibly resistant to mould and disease and produce a substantial harvest that both the professional and amateur growers alike can easily achieve. The weed is outstanding, break open the buds ready for use and you'll see why the stench will make your eyes water!

Stinkin' Bishop from Original Sensible Seeds is a great choice to break into the commercial market of growing cannabis so if you're looking to buy something special with extreme yield, potency and flavour then Stinkin' Bishop cannabis seeds are simply the best choice.

CLIMATE Cool, Hot & Temperate
EFFECTS Cerebral, Energetic, Euphoric, Relaxed
FLOWERING TIME Indoor: 8 - 9 Weeks Outdoor: Oct 1st-2nd week
GENETICS Afghan Kush x Super Skunk
THC LEVEL High 20%
YIELD Indoor: 800 gr/Per Plant Outdoor: 500 gr/m2