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Stardawg marijuana seeds get its name from the sparkling crystal trichomes which cover the buds and truly dazzles growers. She is a hybrid cross of Chemdawg 4 and Tres Dawg.

  • This Stardawg auto flowering variety is an extremely potent strain with high THC levels of up to 22%. Users must be prepared for its strong cerebral effects accompanied by a considerable and heavy body stone making it suitable for both medicinal and recreational users. In addition, this strain is perfect to help patients overcome stress, fatigue, and anxiety for medicinal disorders.


  • The aromas that this plant produces are truly awesome, she has fruity citrus and pine scents followed by a zesty lemon aftertaste.


  • Stardawg is well known for showing its full effects within the first few minutes of consuming. This culminates in a heavy cerebral smoke, and this is accompanied by absolute relaxation all over your body. This variety also increases creativity and produces strong psychedelic effects in some cases.

  • With most cannabis strains she will increase hunger and will reduce nausea. In fact, Stardawg has astonishing medicinal value and is extremely useful in many aspects. Not just for enjoying the effects of the cannabis plant, but also more importantly as medicine. You may also need to take a couple of minutes before you stand up after consuming because of its numbing effects on the body and legs.


  • These marijuana seeds hold no great mystery when cultivating as she is easy to grow and will astonish you with her rapid growth. As Stardawg progresses into her flowering stage you will observe nice compact green buds that clearly appear covered with sparkling crystals and orange hairs.

  • We would also recommend giving her plenty of room for growth as she can become quite high, well above 1 meter depending on the conditions. She will grow wide and bushy so be sure to give enough room for her branches to deploy well.

  • When growing indoors we recommend using large pots with at least 3 gallons (10-12 liters) and be sure to use good lighting of 600-100 watts grow lights.

  • Stardawg marijuana seeds will flower rather fast between 8 and 9 weeks from germination and will produce up to 600 grams per square meter or 50-300 grams per plant.

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CLIMATE Indoor, Outdoor & Greenhouse
YIELD INDOOR 400-600g Per Square Meter
YIELD OUTDOOR 50-300g Per Plant