Sour Apple

Sour Apple
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Anesia Seeds Sour Apple strain is a highly potent, indica-dominant hybrid that combines phenomenal flavour with exceptional strength, offering a THC content of around 27% and the unique taste of sour apple and lemons. 

  • With a high THC content of 27%, the Sour Apple strain is hard to match in its potency and overall resin production in flowering. This variety is an elegant cross that combines the best traits of its Sour Diesel x Pure Kush parentage and preserves effects typical of both Indica and Sativa.

  • Sour Apple has a strong, cerebral high that is not only uplifting and social but focused and motivating with a sense of pleasure and euphoria. The Sativa-like effects gradually give way into an intensely relaxing high quite typical of an Indica, at which point couch-lock tends to set in. This is an ideal strain to finish up a long hike or to put the perfect cap on a social evening.

  • Given its name, it should come as no surprise that this strain has a sour bite to it. It tastes strongly of sour apples but also includes sweet and sour citrus notes that give more dimension to the flavour. Sour Apple is a strain for experienced connoisseurs, blending together the unique flavours and aromas of diesel and kush.

  • Indoor growers would be advised to use a SOG or SCROG method for Sour Apple and can expect great yields upwards of 500g/m2, with plants reaching a height of around 1-1.5m tall. Outdoor plants can yield over 700g and can reach over 4m in height, depending on conditions. A vigorous strain that can require pruning.

  • Its exceptional potency has made Sour Apple a favourite for medicinal use. This strain is a popular choice for the management of chronic pain, stress, or anxiety, as well as being used commonly for sleep disorders such as insomnia or sleep apnea. Medicinal use is often moderated by adjusting dosage, with users taking lower doses during the day and higher doses in the evening.

GENETICS 70% Indica, 30% Sativa
HEIGHT 100-150 cm • 250-400 cm

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