Sour Apple - Cannabis Strain

Sour Apple - Cannabis Strain
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Sour Apple cannabis strain was created by an intersection of the original Sour Diesel and a Pure Kush.

  • It is an Indica dominant hybrid with a combination of both Indica and Sativa effects. It has a delicious intense taste of sour apples and lemon and a gigantic potency.

  • The rockhard buds are covered in a thick layer of milky white trichomes and are packed with sweet resin. Users describe the high of the sour Apple as a strong mental shift, an uplifting head high that leaves you motivated and focused with a sense of overwhelming euphoria and social tendencies. This is followed by a slow fade into an intensely overwhelming couch-lock. Sour Apple sends her 27% of THC straight to your mind to kick you in other psychedelic spheres. We proudly present this unique goddess to all growers in the world.

Growing Sour Apple

  • When growing indoors it is a good idea using the screen of green or sea of green methods. You can expect big yields of 500g or more per square meter indoors, 700g per plant outdoors. The flowering time is 9 weeks. Indoors, Sour Apple is a vigorous grower with many side stems that can be trimmed to keep the plant in bounds. Indoors, the plants grow between 1,00-1,50 m depending on the introduction of the flowering phase, outdoors Sour Apple can reach four meters of hight.

Medical Use

  • Because of its strong effects, Sour Apple is an ideal strain for treating patients who suffer from conditions such as chronic stress or anxiety, chronic pain due to injury or illness, and sleep disorders (insomnia and sleep apnea). In low doses it is daytime suitable for medical applications, at higher doses, it is the ideal weed for medication at the evening.

GENETICS 70% Indica, 30% Sativa
HEIGHT 100-150 cm • 250-400 cm

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