Rainbow Donut Auto

Rainbow Donut Auto
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Rainbow Donut Auto is our newest autoflowering cannabis strain, with which we once again reach new heights in terms of effects and taste. 

  • Her extremely wide range of terpenes and her THC content of up to 29% complement each other beautifully and ensure a long-lasting, unforgettable experience.

  • Her slight sativa dominance is reflected in her effects after a short time. Its effect initially covers the body with a pleasant relaxation, a short time later the head is switched on and inspired to creative peak performance. Rainbow Donut Auto offers hours of absolute bliss with waves of euphoria and physical relaxation. You won’t want to be without it any longer and you’ll also be able to make your friends beam with enthusiasm.

  • Her aroma is a stunning fruity blend of sweet fruits and a unique cookie flavor that blends with a slightly tart note on the exhale.

Growing Rainbow Donut Auto

  • Auto Rainbow Donut grows incredibly vigorous and fast, taking only 9-10 weeks from seed germination to harvest. You can expect XL harvests and get the most out of her with LST and scrogging. She needs enough nutrients to reach her full strength and will give back to everyone the beautiful love that has been invested in her.

CLIMATE Indoor / Outdoor / Greenhouse
FLAVOUR Cookies, Wweet
GENETICS 60% Sativa
HEIGHT 70-100 cm • 80-120 cm
YIELD 450-500 g/m² • up to 300 g/plant