Purple Punch

Purple Punch
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Purple Punch is a fruity, Indica-dominant strain that is smothered with a thick carpet of crystals and packed with a complex array of mouth-watering flavors. 

  • Purple Punch wears its potency on its sleeve with stunning displays of sticky, resinous trichomes. With tests showing a THC content of around 25%, this is not a strain recommended for inexperienced users! Expect a strong, sedative high with a happy, euphoric edge.

  • This strain has a distinct and remarkable flavour reminiscent of baked apple pie and blueberry muffins. It is best enjoyed after a meal due to its dessert-like flavours and deeply calming effects.

  • Purple Punch is an Indica dominant strain that combines the excellent genetics of Larry OG with the legendary Granddaddy Purple. Growing short and stocky, this strain behaves like a true Indica and still yields heavily. Flowering in just 50-60 days, Purple Punch can reach up to 1.5m in favourable outdoor conditions and produce around 2kg if cared for properly.