Purple Haze Auto

Purple Haze Auto
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Purple Haze Auto is an auto-flowering variant of one of the world’s most renowned strains that were initially popularized by Jimi Hendrix. 

  • Purple Haze Auto seeds are the perfect addition to almost any collection, if only for their status as an auto-flowering version of one of the world’s most renowned strains. These unique genetics were obtained by combining genetics from a hand-selected Purple Haze with a carefully chosen Auto Purple to create an auto-flowering strain that retains the traits of its Purple Haze parent.

  • The most striking trait of Purple Haze Auto is obviously its powerful purple colouration which ranges from a bright, vibrant pinkish hue all the way through to dark, rich purples, giving the flowers a charming yet mysterious appearance.

  • Purple Haze Auto produces a high-quality product with an exceptionally fast turnover, making it an ideal choice for commercial growers. Reaching full maturity just 70-75 days after germination, this is the ideal choice for any grower looking for quick yields without sacrificing quality. Performing well in both indoor and outdoor conditions, Purple Haze Auto seeds are an easy-to-grow variety with good resistance to pests and diseases. This combined with its auto-flowering qualities also makes it a great choice for guerrilla growers in less favourable climates.

  • Purple Haze Auto produces a very euphoric and uplifting high, that energises and invigorates the user. Its Sativa-dominant effects are strong but enjoyable, leaving the user feeling focussed and happy overall. An ideal strain to combat depression. It has a sweet and slightly acidic flavour which complements a mild and earthy aroma.

CLIMATE Indoor / Outdoor / Greenhouse - Hot & Temperate
GENETICS Purple Haze x Auto Purple - Mostly Sativa
HEIGHT 50 - 120 cm
YIELD Outdoor: 150 gr/Per Plant Indoor: 500 gr/m2