Phantom OG - Cannabis Seeds

Phantom OG - Cannabis Seeds
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PHANTOM OG™ was created by crossing the Sativa dominant Phantom Cookies with OG Kush, this produced cannabis seeds with huge advantages.

  • The Sativa dominant hybrid not only has a short flowering period but a much higher yield and higher cannabinoid levels, while keeping the Phantom Cookies unique colours and its flavours of walnut and wild berry. 

  • PHANTOM OG™ grows to 1.2 meters indoors and easily to 1.50 meters outdoors with flowers rapidly growing to excellence in just 55 to 65 days. Production is enormous! 

  • With a crop of purple-hued delicious nutty bud that releases a warm cerebral high and comforting stone effect.

AROMA Lemony Pine, Minty Earth
EFFECTSGiggles, Uplifting, Euphoric, Inspired, Motivated
FLAVOUR Walnut, Wildberry, Citrus, Sweet
FLOWERING TIME8 - 9 Weeks 2nd-3rd week
GENETICSPhantom Cookies x OG Kush
HEIGHTIndoor: 120cm Outdoor: 150cm

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