Monkey Bomb

Monkey Bomb
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Monkey Bomb is a heavy-hitting, heavy-yielding narcotic strain created using the legendary Gorilla and Girl Scout Cookie genetic families. 

  • By crossing Gorilla Bomb with Cookies and Cream we have made a strong and super tasty strain that you’ll have to try to believe.

  • The high levels of THC (19-22%) that fill the glistening trichomes mean this is a potent strain. The stone is definitely felt throughout the body and owes a lot to the Gorilla Glue genetics which is famous for its couch sticking properties. But as this is a hybrid there is enough of a Sativa influence for the head high to be noticeable early on. Working together gives a narcotic and very relaxing feeling straight out of the gate. With higher dosage, you can expect a deep relaxation and sleepy feeling to overtake you. At lower levels, stress relief and a more calming nature are felt. One of the key traits of Monkey Bomb is a significant increase in appetite, so get ready for those munchies!

  • When growing Monkey Bomb you want to develop as many bud sites as possible to really max out the yield. Topping and Filming will mean that you can produce a medium height bush with a canopy that drinks in light and pumps out buds. For more advanced growers, mainlining will push it to the next level. Flowering is relatively fast finished in around 8 weeks from the switch. Outdoors you’ll comfortably be done by early October in the northern hemisphere. The appearance is a thing of beauty; deep orange hairs cluster around the buds and contrast against the deep green foliage.

  • To look at, this Indica dominant strain has rich green leaves that have a hint of purple around bud sites which will spread as the plant matures or is exposed to cooler temperatures. The typical shape means that with training, especially SCROG to maximize light, you will get dense growth with multiple major bud sites each bearing rock-hard nugs. Without training, indoors you can expect plants to reach around 100-130cms, outdoors anything up to 6 ft or 180cms.

  • An acrid fuel aroma mixed with earth begins to develop as soon as bud sites form. Over the flowering period, this continues to build so make sure that you are prepared to take steps if odor control is important. The kerosene-like smell softens and is blended to a more sweet vanilla flavor once buds have fattened up and been cured. Break up a bud and that heady mix of sharp and sweet make a very tasty combo that you’ll want to get straight into!

CLIMATE Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
EFFECTS Heavy Greasy Indica Stone
FLOWERING TIME Indoor Flowering: 8-9 Weeks Harvest Outdoor: Early Oct
GENETICS Indica/Sativa (50/50)
HEIGHT Medium/Tall (100-180cm)
THC LEVEL Very High (19%-22%)
YIELD Very High (500g-600g/m²)