Med GOM Auto 1.0

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The first automatic flowering medical cannabis seeds are the consequence of meticulous research, Med Gom 1.0 is the bud-child of Grass-O-Matic and CBD Crew.

Their joined endeavors have created an amazing medical strain which is also autoflowering! Every one of the seeds of Med Gom 1.0 will create female plants with a Cannabidiol (CBD) volume of at least 4% and which are ready to harvest in only 9 weeks from germination! With such a short grow cycle you will be smoking some medical marijuana in less time than ever before.

Regarding height, Med Gom is an extremely reasonable plant that develops to around 1 meter tall. Being slightly unstable we found this strain to produce plants that differed from each other and was tricky to grow indoors because of that. With a yield of between 25 - 50g it did give other autoflowering strains a run for their money and overall is a great strain to grow quickly and easily. With no cropping required this strain grows in a typical 'Christmas tree' style and will provide you with well-grown medicine without having to worry about light cycle changes or other advanced grow techniques.

As this strain develops it creates large sticky buds totally iced with crystals that ooze a serious citrus fragrance. This power is reflected by the strain's high, which is on account of its massive THC/CBD content - the outcome is a drawn out and fulfilling high that satisfies on all levels.

Med Gom 1.0 is an incredibly helpful strain for the medical community, fit for relief from an extensive variety of sicknesses. The high CBD content in Med GOM 1.0 allows you to enjoy your high without negative effects brought on by the THC, such as tension, loss of memory and focus.

  • This strain also has an extraordinary flavor that will engage with any palate.

  • You can expect a rich and complex zesty lemon smell with spicy overtones.

  • The CBD effects are pronounced creating a relaxed smoke that will leave you medicated.

Cultivators searching for an inventive medical strain that does not need much grow experience needn't look any further, as Med Gom 1.0 is out of this world! An auto flowering strain high in CBD is basically the holy grail, something we're certain cannabis epicureans will need to get their hands on.

CLIMATE Indoor / Outdoor
YIELD up to 50g