Mango Haze

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Whoever said medicine has to taste bad has never tasted CBD Mango Haze!

  • One of CBD Crew's best-tasting strains, CBD Mango Haze brings with its flavor and impressively High CBD content.

  • The average medical strain produces 1:1 CBD:THC ratio and we have seen some CDB Mango Haze plants with up to a 2:1 ratio. Incredible!

  • With flavors reminiscent of that old school haze, it also brought with it a fruity side note of mango and pineapple.

  • If you looking to grow a medical cannabis strain but not sure what strain to go for, look no further.

CBD Mango Haze grows up fast with a flowering time of between 9-12 weeks and tends to have a tall and gangly structure inherited from the haze lineage. The plants can grow uncontrollably at times and pruning lower branches is recommended to increase the size of your main colas. CBD Mango Haze also responds exceptionally well to yield-enhancing techniques such as 'super cropping' and 'topping'. In a Scrog, style grow CBD Mango Haze responds well to pruning lower branches so that you can focus your energy on filling your space. With an estimated yield of up to 600g per m2 under a 600W lamp, CBD Mango Haze is not shy on buds. This Haze hybrid is a good choice for growers that are worried about mold, as the open structure allows for airflow and will grow extremely well indoors and out.

A Sativa dominant, enhanced CBD strain, CBD Mango Haze contains only 6-8% THC but has an incredible level of CBD's at up to 8-10%. And with such a high CBD level CBD Mango Haze is one of the top 10 strains used to treat MS! On finishing, this plant produces the tastiest looking buds we have ever seen, coated in sugary resinous crystals. When finishing the crystals turned an orangey amber that looked magnificent.

  • This stunningly high CBD and low THC level mean the potent effects as ordinarily instigated by THC-rich strains is a great deal less purported while the body-related effects are unmistakable.

When searching for medical strains don't pass up on CBD Mango Haze. Add these cannabis seeds to your arsenal and produce the medicine you have been looking for! A magnificent pragmatic Sativa dominant, CBD enhanced plant, that will be a delight for all who grows her.

AROMA Spicy, mango, pineapple and pepper.
CBD LEVEL 8 - 10
GENETICS Indica 20% / Sativa 80%
THC/CBD RATIO 1:1 - 1:2
YIELD 450 - 550g