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This is the revival of a once lost classic and over many generations of breeding, we produced these superb cannabis seeds.

  • Lost Coast Skunk has a fantastic branching structure, a fantastic flower production and it is very dense with a stunning array multi colors which include whites, oranges & greens. The unmistakable aroma will fill the air with a powerful, spicy pepper and skunk aroma.

  • With that familiar smell of Skunk, this delicious strain of cannabis seeds leaves you with a flavor of pepper and spice with a after-taste which is sweet and delicate yet so strong and complex that it coats your mouth in a flavor that will linger on in your taste buds, showing that this little beauty is a high-quality treasure for connoisseur growers.

  • This strain is packed full with crystals and gives a medicinal effect which is very cerebral, chillaxing and mind-numbingly deep!