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Lost Coast Hashplant Humboldt Seeds
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These cannabis seeds are a beast, a massive yielder and quite simply a big favorite amongst the more experienced growers!

  • Lost Coast Hashplant is one of HSO's longest commercially run genetics.These Cannabis Seeds are commonly known and referred to as the " Bumper crop" and Humboldt is so proud to finally be able to release this in the female form.She is an amazingly hearty and simple grow.

  • She will gift you with the fruits of your labor around mid-October. You will be pleasantly surprised at the quality and size of the buds she produces. She has a strong structure with a fairly average distance between the nodes.

  • It’s also very wise to monitor her growth as she grows so strongly indoors so be sure to give this plant ample space for growth during her flowering period. It’s been said that she develops with an appearance of a Christmas tree, with her compact, large resin dusted buds.

  • Her performance is exceptional and you won’t be disappointed. The smell and taste she has is very intense, with ground spice and notes of pine. Her effects are very powerful and really very relaxing. If you are looking to have a nice peaceful chillout then she’s the one for you, she also has a wide mix of medicinal properties.
GENETICSIndica Dominant
HEIGHTUp to 3.5m

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