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This is a new addition to the California Kind Genetics, brand-new cannabis seeds from #TeamHSO.

  • The breeder has lived deep down in the mountains of the Humboldt region for at least 15 years. These cannabis seeds produce one of the most unique phenotypes that have come from the OH lineage.

  • The vegetative growth is rapid in Lemon Garlic OG, which allows for a shorter transitional period into flowering. Big but thin leaves that have ample space allows for the light to penetrate into those secondary sites. This strain of cannabis seed doesn’t need a lot of nutrition to sustain being healthy and good.

  • Within around 63 - 68 days (9-10 weeks) you will have the flowering periods, long stacking intermodal sites will result in huge elongated colas, it is highly resinous and has an extremely pungent smell which is dominant to whatever else is in that space.

  • Lemon Garlic OG produces effects that are very cerebral, it increases appetites and is also long-lasting. The aroma is citrus and pine with hints of garlic which has some gassy undertones that will leave your mouth salivating for more!

  • This treasure is one of many superior tastes which has been introduced to you by the best underground breeders that California has to offer and you can buy them here today at SeedMasters.com!
CLIMATE Indoor / Outdoor
GENETICS Sativa 40% / Indica 60%
THC/CBD RATIO THC: 17-22% CBD: 0.1%
YIELD Average+