L.A. Cheese

L.A. Cheese Big Buddha Seeds
  • £34.95

The LA Cheese is an amazing plant with a multi award winning combination of 2 outstanding varieties... the original cheese from the UK and the LA Confidential, an amazing Californian strain from our friends at DNA Genetics. The LA Cheese is an extremely potent indica plant, with solid dense nuggets and an extremely spicy OG Kush mixed with the old skool taste of the UK Cheese. Perfect for the connoisseurs of good Marijuana!!

Expect to find some real cup winning cannabis genetics from the L.A.Cheese!

AROMA Original BB Cheese with hints of LA Confidential
CLIMATE Indoor / Outdoor
EFFECTS Longlasting old skool high
FLAVOUR Super strong old skool dankness
FLOWERING TIME Indoors - 55-70 days 8-10 weeks Outdoors - End of October
GENETICS Sativa 10% / Indica 90%
PARENTAGE L.A Confidential X Big Buddha Cheese 'reversed'