Kuchi - Cannabis Seeds

Kuchi - Cannabis Seeds
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Kuchi Feminized cannabis seeds produce a little and compact marijuana plant which is perfect for growing in limited space.

  • If you are a lover of “The Cheese” then you will love Kuchi as it is a cross between a male San Fernando Kush and an Exodus Cheese female. 

  • This is the 1st strain which we officially created when we 1st formed The Devil’s Harvest Cannabis Seeds & it is still really well-known all of the coffeeshops in Amsterdam (amongst locals and tourists).  The Kuchi Feminized is one of the most affordable marijuana strains, which offers what we feel is fantastic value for money.  We are so very proud to be able to share it with all of you.

  • This “Special Relationship” creates a lush cross from both sides of the water – the finest of California crossed with a tremendous phenotype of probably the most popular and well-known of the UK’s strains. Kuchi Feminized is a really amazing marriage – a very exciting new hybrid with a knock-out effect that is typical of a heavy Indica.  The taste is a somewhat “classic” skunk reminiscent from the past.  The original Cheese mother controls the tangy, fruity flavours with the Kush father driving home a devilish Indica punch.

  • The Afghan heritage is what causes this plant to be compact with huge, broad Indica leaves that require a great level of pruning and they are perfect for the more hands-on growers.  It is highly recommended that the grower prunes effectively if they want to maintain the desired shape and also optimize light penetration.

  • The Cheese genetics make for little but harder nuggets.  It is excellent for gardeners that have limited space, Kuchi Feminized is perfectly suited for a Sea Of Green growing method for about 20 plants per square meter.  Being the grower you have the choice to start harvesting at around 8 weeks for a sweeter more delicious flavour, or up to 10 weeks for a much more powerful punch and a slightly bigger yield.

  • Although this plant is not extremely hard to grow, Kuchi Feminized is definitely one of the harder strains and it is most suited to hotter climates if grown outdoors where it will then flower in early to mid-September.

CLIMATE Indoor / Outdoor - Great for outdoors, Can even grow in a cold climate, but does prefer warmer temperatures
EFFECTS Strong Stoned, Hungry, Sleepy & Relaxed
FLAVOUR Skunk, Kush, Cheese
GENETICS Sativa 40% / Indica 60% - OG Kush x Cheese
HEIGHT Small / Medium - Big leaves, resinous
YIELD Medium Yield