Jack Herer

Jack Herer Cannabis Seeds
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Jack Herer is one of Greenhouse Seeds’ most legendary powerhouse strains. It has won multiple awards and has built a heroic legacy within the cannabis community. Named after the renowned activist Jack Herer, this strain has a solid reputation in the industry. Taking its genetics from Haze and Red Skunk, this Sativa-dominant beast flowers in 7-10 weeks.

It is known to produce an energetic, uplifting and ‘genuinely devastating’ high. The onset is very rapid, and the high is often described as being cerebral and borderline psychedelic.

The taste and aroma are a warm blend of peppery, spicy pine flavours with a streak of acrid fruitiness. It is very earthy and complex overall. Jack Herer is effective for pain relief and appetite stimulation. Great for SOG/SCROG setups. You can buy top-quality Jack Herer seeds now, here at SeedMasters.com!

CLIMATE Indoor / Outdoor
EFFECTS Strong on body and mind, complex nd very long lasting.
FLOWERING TIME LOWERING INDOOR: 8 weeks FLOWERING OUTDOOR: Finishes by the end of September, (North hemisphere).
GENETICS Haze x Red Skunk
HEIGHT No info yet
MEDICAL Strong on body and mind, complex and very long lasting.
THC LEVEL 20.94%
YIELD Indoor: Up to 800 gr/m2. Outdoor: Up to 1200 gr/plant.