Hurricane Cannabis Seeds
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Outdoor Hurricane is a notorious outdoor cannabis plant. Hurricane cannabis seeds have been specially developed for the climate in the Netherlands. This plant is suitable for any environment that is equal to or warmer than the climate in the Netherlands.


 Outdoor Hurricane is a cross between Afghan and Dutch Skunk, which is fully adapted to the wet and cold Dutch climate. Outdoor Hurricane owes her name also to the fact that even in a wet and changeable summer can flourish and produce excellent results and thus gives hope to the Dutch outdoor grower. Hurricane is a strong and reliable mold resistant plant, 75% Indica and 25% Sativa.

Growing traits

Over Fertilisation Outdoor Hurricane can stimulate excessive leaf growth and reduce production.

Outdoor Hurricane is a reliable outdoor favorite with a heavy knock-out stoned, which is popular with recreational smokers and medical users. The smoke is quite sweet and excellent high / stoned

Effects and flavour

The taste of the Outdoor Hurricane is sweet and the effect is strong. The effect is relaxing and stoned, and the "Couch Lock" effect can occur then. The weed species is popular with the casual user and medical users.


Unique traits

  • fast type
  • Especially for outside
  • Sweet taste and excellent high

FLOWERING TIME 6 - 7 Weeks - October
GENETICS Sativa 25% / Indica 75% - Afghani X Skunk
HEIGHT 90 – 120 cm
YIELD Medium