Headstone - Cannabis Seeds

Discontinued Headstone - Cannabis Seeds
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Amnesia cannabis seeds are a cult classic, this strain is incredibly huge on the coffee shop scene in Amsterdam and is a world-renowned favorite of cannabis connoisseurs.

  • A specially selected strain of amnesia was then bred with our prime White Widow strain, the White-Knuckle SC. The results were nothing short of remarkable and produced a fantastic tempest of frost covered silvery white trichomes engulfing her plump buds which nestle between thin, serrated leaves.

  • Finally, Big Head #1 was introduced to increase density in her flower structure and encourage mighty upward growth as the plant starts its flowering cycle, producing compact rock hard and snow-capped buds which smell truly amazing.

  • Headstone has a high flower to leaf ratio and compact central cola which means she is easy to trim at harvest time and is also good for other types of growing methods including SOG and SCROG.

  • This strain provides mind-numbing effects which are extremely potent and has been hailed as an alternative couch-lock variety; producing an intense, full bodied melt combined with the heart-pounding speedy Sativa buzz.

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CLIMATE Indoor / Outdoor
EFFECTS Strong. Hilarious. Floating
FLOWERING TIME 10 weeks - Sept
GENETICS Indica / Sativa
THC LEVEL Very High 20%+
YIELD Very High 500-600g