Head Stash Auto - Cannabis Seeds

Head Stash Auto - Cannabis Seeds
  • Brand: Big Head Seeds
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Head Stash Auto cannabis seeds are a unique 3 way cross of some extremely fast, potent and impressive genetics.

  • Big Head crossed the legendary and very popular strain Jack Herer to the powerful Critical+ Auto they used for their Big Cheese variety which was hand carefully selected for its massive yields and monstrous power.

  • Finally she was crossed again with Big Head #1 to further increase her overall yield and promote the characteristic central colas of which all Big Head strains are renowned for, this ultimately gave her even more dense buds and yield at harvest time.

  • Once Head Stash enters her flowering period growers are welcomed by a frenzied growth of giant, high quality buds which are tightly packed together due to her short internodal distance.

  • Together with the height of this variety growers are greeted with astounding yields especially for an automatic strain. The dense lime green buds shimmer with a golden glare and the smell of earth pine, the flavors are not to be overlooked either with subtle grapefruit and tropical lime flavors busting out with every toke.

  • Head Stash Automatic cannabis seeds provides superior yields of specimen grade cannabis at lightening speeds, guaranteeing that you will never be without a glittering trove of her stunning, mind elevating treasure.

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CLIMATE Indoor / Outdoor
EFFECTS Up. Euphoric becoming relaxed
FLOWERING TIME 6 - 7 Weeks - Sep / Oct
GENETICS Indica / Sativa / Ruderalis
THC LEVEL High 15%+
YIELD High 60g/450g/m²