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This strain has been named in honor of our legendary hero, researcher and author Dr. Lester Grinspoon.

  • Dr. Grinspoon is a pure heirloom Sativa variety which grows tall and thin perfect for outdoor grows, she also requires a longer flowering period of up to 100 days.

  • During the late stages of flowering, her colas look tight and compact with a more than generous dusting of sticky crystals.

  • The smell of her buds is truly amazing, contained within are hints of tropical fruit and lemon.

  • The taste is tangy and light with fruity and tropical aromas.She is a 100% Sativa strain so perfect for daytime smoking and productivity. – The perfect hit to get you started in the morning.

  • Dr. Grinspoon has a strong, long-lasting, powerful and cerebral stone. An old school Sativa of the highest order. Buy here today at SeedMasters.com!
CLIMATE Indoor, Outdoor and Greenhouse
EFFECTS Very strong up high
FLOWERING TIME 90 - 100 days
GENETICS Sativa 100%
HEIGHT 150 - 175 cm
YIELD 300 - 400 grams per m2