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A cross between Chem #4 and OG Kush cannabis seeds, this "Cypress Hill" is Dr Greenthumb's Em-Dog by B-Real.

  • Kief Sweat created this awesome cross and some of the most expensive cannabis that’s actually available in LA. He is part of the whole Cypress Hill/Soul Assassins crew, and his weed is currently being smoked by all the popular high-class DJ’s in all of LA, aswell as tons of celebrities and musicians. Sweat's mission has been to continue the innovation of the OG Kush line, this is the cross which got B-Real so ecstatic that he made a decision to stick his name on it.

  • This phenomenal and unstoppable elite US clone is what resulted from two of his favorite strains, the original, one and only OG Kush (aka the crippy) crossed with Chem #4.This unique creation and a mix of those top shelf gassy flowers will take you back to memories of the old school days.It has a flowering time of around 60 days and will produce incredible yields between 450 - 500 grams per sqm outdoors. If growing inside or in a greenhouse it can produce between 600 - 900 grams per plant or more. For anyone growing indoors, they will see those results if they chose to use the Sea of green technique.

  • These cute little cannabis seeds look so innocent but deep under that hard exterior there lies a mind-blowing strain like no other. If you aren’t an experienced grower then let me just suggest that you respectfully look the other way.These beauties are only for the hardcore growers and if that’s you then damn are you in for a surprise! The effect you will feel from this connoisseur grade marijuana is powerful, kicking pains ass, terminates stress and leaves you feeling spectacular.

  • They maybe a little more in price than you usually spend out on seeds but this buy will be well worth every single penny spent.
CLIMATE Indoor / Outdoor
GENETICS Indica Dominant
HEIGHT Up to 2.5m