Dos Si Dos #33

Dos Si Dos #33
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Dos Si Dos #33 is the result of a lengthy selection process involving a number of widely acclaimed strains and is known for exceptional potency and yields. 

  • Dos Si Dos 33 is the result of an extensive breeding program in which OG Kush Breath was combined with an exceptional Girl Scout Cookies phenotype, which was then crossed with Face Off OG and the legendary Cookies Kush. The resulting cross was further improved with the inclusion of genetics from Gelato #33 and finally crossed with a Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint GSC to create this stunning new strain.

  • With a high THC content that ranges between 22-28%, Dos Si Dos 33 is a powerful strain and for this reason, it is probably best reserved for those with a high tolerance. The effects begin with a euphoric, Sativa-like high that gradually pans out into a deep, sedative stone typical of an Indica strain. An excellent choice for the management of depression or anxiety.

  • Dos Si Dos 33 is an elegant blend of world-class genetics that in combination creates a rich and complex terpene profile to match its powerful flavors and effects. It is also a pleasure to behold as violet hues perfectly complement its contrasting lime green shades.

  • Indoor growers have been known to yield 700g/m2 with this strain while plants rarely exceed a height of 90cm. In suitable outdoor conditions, growers can expect a huge 2kg harvest in mid-October.